Last weekend I decided to jump in a personal challenge, to write a working version of popular last hit Yo in less than a day, using native Android tools (Java and Android Studio) with knowledge got from Xamarin (the super awesome mobile cross platform that use C# as main language). And the result is …. download from link below

Salaam in Google Play


Thanks to Parse as very powerful backend (cloud) platform I had Push Notifications as a gift / for free, users / logins to and many more. Really appreciated the fluent API that was readable and very productive. Needed just to get an idea and immediately started to use it without a single problem! Good job Parse. For sure I will be your customer!

Android Studio was very solid tool and made my life easy, to manipulate resources, layouts and write Java code. It’s code completion feature that was killer feature for me (imagine, coming from Visual Studio in this piece it must stay strong or move, while VS rocks in this part).

Coming to app part, it looks a simple apps with just few screens but it has some interesting features that it worths to take a try!

While we are in very interesting time (history perspective) I decided to use a famous word from arabic Salaam (read in wikipedia for this) that has more than a meaning of Peace, but first you can stick to it! So, I wanted to make easy for people to spread easily peace to each other!

So, idea is veeryy simple, add friend (username / name) who has the application, tap on it and send Salaam! If you put a non-existent friend (in application) it removes from your friend-list, either it will try to touch him / her with a message.

If you tap in your name you have all settings, email, ability to change passcode and some info.

If you logout you will lose friend list and stats while everything is saved locally! Don’t worry you can redo it easily :D.

Here are screens of Android version and I am planning to jump in iOS version challenge to (next sunday :D I hope).

Salaam screenshot Salaam screenshot Salaam screenshotSalaam screenshot