Like everyone else has an opinion about new comings I also have mine and I want to share my bits why I think Windows Phone 8 should succeed. According to my opinion there are several reasons and conditions why next mobile operating system from Microsoft should make remarkable debut and gain significant percentage and momentum.

Suposed Windows Phone 8 logoThe factors that Windows Phone 8 should succeed according to my opinion are:

  • "Windows Phone 7" factor
  • SP1 "culture"
  • "The 8" ecosystem
  • Devices and functionality

Windows Phone 7 factor It was that “brave” platform that made Microsoft debut in post-iPhone-Android era in mobile “war”. It was just Microsoft who could enter in a market with such aggressive and hard competitors (like Apple and Google), even beside the fact that just some years earlier they ruled that market, but smartphone is not just for smart people anymore, it’s for everyone.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 did a remarkable job in introducing people with new vision for a phone that is digitally authentic, without chrome and borders, with a full-living start screen (thanks to live tiles) and many more Metro aka Modern UI interface principles. We all Windows Phone fans are not happy with numbers (market percentage) but in my opinion mission of “7” is already accomplished. We all (not just WP7 fans) remember times when “7” was faster and more productive than all smartz in market (even better than iPhone), and it was beautiful and a good promise for the future. Fast growing market and developer ROI (in ads) were another great areas where “7” shined, without continuing with more and more true facts. In some words it accomplished it’s mission (anyway, always human say it could be better :D).

SP1 “Culture” It’s something unwritten in Microsoft world, but it’s proved as true fact, since we have seen in the past regularly. Microsoft’s software gain real momentum just after service pack 1. FULL STOP. It’s a kind of culture! And, “8” is not a service pack, it’s a major version, but if we see and compare functionality that Microsoft added in the past, this is a kind of real service pack, and people are considering that in this way. It’s not bad, it’s a good fact, because, people start to trust on that platform, start to see as mature and start to consider it as their possible future choice. And I strongly believe that it’ll happen in this way.

“The 8” ecosystem

Windows 8 - new tablet coming

This fall (autumn) will make a whole “8 ecosystem” debut. We will have desktop, tablet and phone fresh and 8-tified. In some words phone’s success depends on the success of all platform and I think Microsoft is aware of this. And if we see buzz for Windows 8 (as desktop and tablet) we can freely forecast for some big numbers comings (if we think just Windows 7 users to be upgraded in 8). So people will not have true reason to stay in other platforms in phone while their desktop / tablet is Windows 8. They tend to use all products (for different tasks) that shares same concepts, same design principles and same way of working. This is a strong favor for Windows Phone 8.

Devices and functionality

Windows Phone 8 Start Screens

Even in this time we don’t have full list of (new) functionality that Windows Phone 8 will offer, from promotional event and from some leak information we see big improvements. SD card support, NFC, Data sense, speech, wallet, start screen enhancements, data (messages) backup are just few announced on this stage, all of these make Windows Phone 8 really to compete other big smartz in market. And we can’t finish this post without mentioning devices that will be a strong side of phone. They had just few small problems in the past or not something big to mention (if we remind other’s antenna like problems). And with “8” we are waiting for better devices and better integration with OS. So, in a short summary I strongly believe that Windows Phone 8 will be a success. Let’s see it!