Short introduction Just a year ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog-post, but since I passed some experiences I’m really convinced for what I am writing here. If you are employed (self | corporate | startup | freelance | other type :D ) don’t just say: ou this post isn’t for me?! but please read till to the end because you’ll find something interesting even for your profile. I just want to show you here my two past interview experiences shortly and lessons I learned from them.

[caption id=”attachment_311” align=”aligncenter” width=”340” caption=”Job interview”]Job interview[/caption]

Some days ago a friend of mine referred me to a mobile company in Switzerland, and after scheduling our skype conversation I had an interview with their CTO. That guy was incredibly calm, skilled, well-informed, great programmer (in past) and good manager (now). In his shoulders he has carrier years equally to my age. But beyond these facts we did a great conversation. I went in that interview without reading anything or preparing little bit and some questions just surprised me, but I managed somehow (because of my experience). I applied there for Windows Phone developer but since he has reviewed my CV I was asked for a whole application lifecycle and all-techs from top to bottom, required to build an application, from UI techs to databases. And, after two and half hours conversation I was tired but I learned a lot. I learned things I didn’t know before, and I couldn’t imagine without happening to me.

Lessons learned

  • Don’t go in interview without preparing, even if you call yourself genius. Repeat things because repetition is mother of learning and remembering I can say!
  • Don’t expect to be asked just for tasks related to position you are applying!
  • Know position you are applying!
  • Read about company, you want to be part of, their (work) culture, and their expectations for you!

Fun part

  • I tried to cheat (leave topics he asked me, and start talking for something related) in some parts (even for fun and even for small memory delays :) ) but he was very crafty and educated person and let me finished my explanation and just repeated question I avoided :D .

[caption id=”attachment_310” align=”aligncenter” width=”240” caption=”Interview questions”]Interview questions[/caption]

Second interesting experience (in this story) was with a US company I applied online. After receiving my application they contacted me to confirm my data and they sent me a test (technical test). I was out for café with friends and I received email in my phone with technical test. I opened and saw just three questions / tasks :D. Huh, easy task I thought, and I closed to continue with friends. But when I started to answer in that test in next day (because I neglected for a day ) I found all hard and super-tricky questions that took me already a day to answer. Write code, do explanations and make prove as they required.

Lessons learned

  • Don’t neglect even easiest interview / test (you think so)!
  • Don’t lose time in answering questions you received!
  • Don’t wait for an easy process in earning something big!

And, why developers need interviews? I learned that if you‘re part of interviews, as developer, you will:

  • re-learn (re-remember) all basic concepts of technical things
  • prove you knowledge in front of a person who is well-prepared for you
  • feel adrenaline that tests / interviews offer
  • test yourself in controlling your emotions, reactions and behaviors
  • train your brain with totally unexpected things
  • prove (to yourself at least) you’re on right track in advancing you career
  • learn new things about other entities (companies)

So, what about future, for me?! Personally, I’m continuing to learn new things! I am continuing to be interviewed because I am seeing interviews as a process to stay up-to-date and well-prepared all the time. What about your opinion? Post in comments …