2011 was first the year I decided to start blogging (and blogged :)). Generally it went good. In this post (first in 2012) I’d like to share some stats and thoughts on this. When I decided to make my opinions and work public I thought it would be good to write in English because of target of this blog and massive acceptability, but today I was surprised when I saw that all posts (almost) are in Albanian (my mother tongue), and I think this happened because of local events, expressions or reactions I thought targets a specific audience (that understand albanian). I made no surprise in platform I chose, Wordpress, simple and real choice. I started blogging in July and stats are impressive to me. But when I made some analyses on them, I learned some valuable tips and tricks. I noticed when I posted, visits were good in numbers, but when posts were just after events (I spoke), they were crazy, and real sample for this is post about Barcamp Prishtina #3.

Some stats and facts are presented below.

  • 3,889 views all-time (in 2011)
  • 566 views on busiest day, December 18, 2011
Views in months
  • July 2011 - Views 358
  • August 2011 - Views 33
  • September 2011 - Views: 172
  • October 2011 - Views 673
  • November 2011 - Views 775
  • December 2011 - Views 1,872

Some visitors came in my blog through searching, mostly for:

  • betim drenica blog
  • betim drenica
  • shkencat kompjuterike
  • hallakate.com
  • contacts factbook

Top referring sites visitors came from:

Most commented post was Aplikacione të avancuara interneti (Rich Internet Applications) - 3

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*Thanks a lot for all of them!

In 2012 I’ll continue to write in this blog, but I hope I’ll write more on technical topics (one of strongest reason I started this)  and applications I’ll develop, but till then please share your opinions, remarks, ideas or suggestions to me, either in comment here or in my email (betimdrenica @ hotmail . com).