Today I am very happy because my first Windows Phone 7 application passed submission test and now is in marketplace. Name of application is Contacts Factbook that it costs 0$ and can be found here .

[caption id=”attachment_144” align=”aligncenter” width=”180” caption=”Contacts Factbook v1.0 - Main Screen”]Contacts Factbook v1.0 - Main Screen[/caption]

Application display some interesting facts and statistics display.

Here is list of application features (but not limited to):

  • Number of contacts in your phone.
  • Number of pinned contacts to start screen.
  • Top most used first name starting letters.
  • Top most used first names.
  • Top most used last name starting letters.
  • Top most used last names.
  • Number of contacts with middle name.
  • Number of contacts with nickname.
  • Percentage of contacts with title.
  • Percentage of contacts with picture.
  • Top three companies that people in your contacts works for.
  • Percentage of contacts with phone numbers.
  • Percentage of contacts with email.
  • Percentage of contacts with website.
  • Percentage of contacts with notes.
  • Percentage of people with companies.
  • Percentage of people with children.
  • Top three office locations of people in your contacts.
  • Percentage of people addresses.
  • Top job titles of people in your contacts.

Here are some screenshots of application.


If you are Windows Phone 7 device owner, please download the application and give me feedback (that I really appreciate).